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Aseman Faraz sharif

Aseman Faraz sharif

Aseman Faraz Sharif Knowledge-Based Company has 5 years of experience in various fields of agriculture. This company is known as one of the prestigious companies to improve the environmental performance of the agriculture sector. Aseman Faraz Sharif was established by a group of Sharif University of Technology graduate students. The responsibility of this company is in the industry of irrigation, spraying, seeding, and smart agricultural system, with the knowledge, experience and skills of its members. The services of this company include spraying, seeding, crop destruction prevention, significant reduction of water and pesticide consumption, higher spraying efficiency, control of pesticide consumption, time, and cost-effectiveness. We proudly announced that this company has the ability to provide the necessary educations so that farmers can have the highest efficiency with the minimum consumption of water, fertilizer, and crop degradation.




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