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According to dictionary, incubator has different meanings such as a machine for keeping premature infants that suggests expansion, growth and genesis concepts.
In entrepreneurship, Incubators are technical infrastructures that are established in order to create and expand
small enterprises. These centers provide appropriate administration, technical and lab environment with inexpensive
supporting services for new companies to help them grow. The centers include one or several buildings for the temporary
establishment of new companies and one department for managing the supports provision.
Incubators contain the collection of creativity and innovation based plans according to world intellectual property organization (WIPO) that have a few managers and use common locations and service and technical facilities. These centers are often founded near universities or research centers in order to facilitate technical services provision for achieving desired goals and alter ideas into products for presenting to the market.
Incubators work in various fields such as tourism, art, new technologies, etc. The centers that their accelerated expansion in industrial countries began in 1960, have had a significant role in the countries development. For example, in North America, the incubators provided services for companies with more than 100000 employees and the income more than 17 billion dollars in 2005.

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