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The First International Examination on Elevators Inspection

The first International examination on Elevators Inspection was held with the cooperation of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran-West, the managing director and technical manager of the LiftInstituut Solutions, supervision and evaluation manager of Tehran-West, Iran’s syndicate of elevator and escalator industries, and the professors Eng. Hariri and Eng. Nikbakhsh with the presence of academic staff and industrialists at the Koosha Center of Applied Science and Technology. The first stage of the examination was held with the presence of 33 participants at the Koosha Center of applied science and technology at 10 a.m. The participants who knew English fluent took the exam in written and other participants took the examination in oral with the technical interpreter assistance.

The pre-examination process took two days, August 3rd and August 4th. The participants who got at least 70 percent of the score could took the final exam. The final exam process began at 10 a.m. on August 5th. It included two parts, theoretical exam and elevator inspection practical exam. The participants who got at least 75 percent of the score of the final exam are known as LiftInstituut international elevator inspectors and gets their ID cards from the LiftInstituut Solutions headquarter. After receiving the ID cards, the international projects will be referred to the international inspectors by LiftInstituut Solutions that tends to a huge change in their occupational future and lives.

After ending the pre-exam, the accepted participants were announced. 7 participants could took the final exam on full scope (all standards) and 13 participants could took the final exam on EN81-1. In the following, the accepted participants took the final exam in theory on August 5th. Then, the participants went to the test tower of Behran Lift Co. in order to take the final practical exam on August 6th. During holing this stage, Eng. Habibzadeh, the industries affairs vice presidency of the industry, mine and trade organization, observed the procedure of the practical exam and discussed the level and conditions of the exam with the managing director of LiftInstituut Solutions.

After mentioning the satisfaction, technical knowledge level and scores of the participants, Eng. Habibzadeh was grateful to the executive committee and Behran Lift Co. for holding the examination, especially the practical exam. After announcing the results on August 6th, 8 participants could pass the final exam in theory and practice and will receive their certificates and ID cards in September. Four of them will get the certificate of full scope acceptance and half of them will get the certificate of EN81-1 acceptance. They will take part in international projects of LiftInstituut Solutions in the form of full-time or part-time. At the end, we appreciate the cooperation of all industrialists and executive staff, Eng. Farid Hariri, Eng. Bijan Nikbakhsh, Eng. Javad Taleghani nia, Behran Lift Company especially Mr. Abbas Shakeri and Mr. Hossein Shakeri for providing the equipment and conditions to hold the practical exam. Also, we are grateful to Mr. Shahram Mardomi from Iran’s syndicate of elevator and escalator industries, Eng. Mousavi from Iran Standard Organization, Eng. Pedram Mirhosseini and other college personnel for their support during holding the examination.

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