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Holding the training course














International course on elevator inspection according to the memorandum of understanding with Liftinstituut from the Netherlands and after taking an online examination, started at the Convention Center of Koosha College on September 13th at 8:30. After reading Quran and Iran national anthem, Dr. Majidifar said welcome on behalf of Koosha College. Then Dr. Mousazadeh who is the research and technology manager of the University of Applied Science and Technology, gave a talk on standard needs for any industry. Afterwards, Mr. Azaad Santoe, the instructor of the international course, commenced his training with this motto: the Right Advice the Right Decision. First, He had an introduction of his institute and its history. He tried to discuss EN81-20 and EN81-50 standards during two days. His discussion was mainly about the differences between these standards and the standards that we have in Iran now. According to his speech and entering new elevators to the market, it is essential to review the standards. He investigated the standards for various parts of elevators such as car, well, controller cabinet and safety equipment comprehensively. Eng. Hariri, Eng. Nikbakhsh, Dr. Majidifar and Eng. Emami Rad were interpreters and had discussion about Mr. Santoe’s talk professionally. The professors’ translation and explanation were so helpful, so holding the course was satisfactory for all audiences. At the end of speech on each day, required time was considered to ask and answer questions between trainees and Mr. Santoe. Finally, Most of questions were answered by Mr. Santoe.

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